Lifted up by an amazing all powerful God

What do you do when you get discouraged? Throw a pity party? I’ve been in one of those moods recently and during my morning Bible reading it occurred to me I was not spending time in personal praise and worship of God. So starting with “praise and worship” as my search terms I called on YouTube to supply some sing-along praise songs to help me out. Here are a few of my finds for your listening pleasure, or better yet, sing along:

Jesus, Name Above all Names 
Jesus, Emmanuel, God is with us – we are never alone when we have Jesus in our hearts.

As the Deer Panteth for the Water 
Lord, may I seek after you as faithfully as the deer seeks streams of water.

I Love You Lord and I Lift My Voice 
This is one of my favorite love songs to Jesus.

He Knows My Name 
Wow! What a powerful expression of God’s love for me.

You Raise Me Up to More than I Can Be
This song is presented in many different ways by different musicians on YouTube, but it isn’t hard to figure out which ones were done by Christians. If we look to people to lift us up, we may set ourselves up for a let-down. Jesus lifts us up to more than we can be on our own – without the let-down.

Indescribable (You Are Amazing God) 
God is the only one who can stretch from one end of eternity to the other and make all creation possible. He is outside of the realm of probabilities because he can make it happen without accidents. If there is anyone capable of helping you through your personal troubles, it is God, the One who makes things happen.

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