Ecclesiastes 7:21-22 When to turn a deaf ear

Ecclesiastes 7:21-22 Click on this link to read the passage. You may select your preferred version of the Bible after the link opens.

This verse tells us not to pay attention to every word people say to us. Does that mean we don’t have to listen to anything people tell us? Of course not. The key to understanding this verse is the word “every.” As in all of life, we are expected to exercise discernment over what we believe and what we reject.

This verse is more specifically referring to cursing. When you hear someone speaking to you in this manner it is usually safe to assume that they may not have your best interest at heart. There may be good reason for them to be angry with you, so give it that much consideration and apologize if needed. But if the remarks are not justified, you are encouraged to let the words blow over as you continue what you were doing in peace. You don’t have to take those harsh words to heart. We are reminded to recall a time when we in our anger spoke harshly (cursed) at others. How often have we done this and regretted it later?

Negative Words: At the heart of cursing and words spoken in anger or out of jealousy is the spirit of negativity. Negative words can destroy us if we allow them to get under our skin. They defeat us in every way by destroying our confidence and undermining our efforts to reach our life goals. We must learn to ferret out these negative words and thoughts and rise above them. They must not get in the way of using the talents God has given us and becoming all that He wants us to be.

Father God, giver of all wisdom, help us to have discerning hearts able to know when the words that come from the mouths of those around us are spoken for our good or for our detriment. Enable us to shed negative words and thoughts that would destroy us, and help us to soar above them in your truth and love. Grant us your peace that we might live.

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