Land Animals and People – Day 6

6th day of creationOn the sixth day of creation God created the animals that live on the land. The last being that God created was people – the most glorious of all his creation in that he created people in his own image. Read about the sixth day of creation in Genesis 1:24-31. Using this link you may read it in several translations for a more complete understanding.

God made all of the land animals including both domestic animals and wild animals, any and all animals that move along the ground.

After God made the animals, he made people, both male and female and told them to have children and to fill the earth. He also instructed them to rule over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, and the animal world. God gave the people the seed-bearing plants and trees for food. The animals were to eat the green plants.

To me, the most important take home messages of the first chapter of Genesis are (1) God created everything that exists, and (2) God created people in his image – we didn’t just happen and we are elevated above all other forms of life in creation. This is not human arrogance, it is God’s design for mankind.

Adam and Eve are not named in the first chapter of Genesis, but I have no problem believing that these were the male and female people God created on the sixth day. When God described the Garden of Eden later in Genesis 2 he supplied more details about this special garden, and began the account of Adam and Eve. He does not concern himself with telling which day everything happened on. This account simply begins when God created Adam and Eve.

I love the choral arrangement, The Majesty and Glory of His Name (as sung by Tom Fettke The Winter Haven Choir Festival 2009), and include it here because is expresses so well the awesomeness of God’s creation as well as the amazing relationship between God and man and the angels. This anthem is taken from Psalm 8. You might enjoy trying to read and listen at the same time.

Look for activities to go with Day 6 of creation at this link.

The Creation, a Bible storybook for children by Janice D. Green



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